The Polished Pod:

Podcast Services

Natural Sounding Podcast Package:
$28 per episode or 4 pack for $100

We take your audio file from raw to a published podcast. We spruce up the audio, get the intros and outros flowing, get all the hashtags and descriptions in the right place and then schedule your podcast to be released to your audience. Once you send us the file you are done, your podcast will live within 48 hours.

Radio Quality Podcast Package:
$50 for every 30 minute of your original audio file

This package is a labor of love. We take a look at every second of your podcast and aim to improve the power of the delivery. Anything distracting or awkward is snipped out or suppressed.

Intro and Outro Creation for Podcast:

We make an intro and outro that fits your podcast’s style and theme. If you just need a spruce up or one created from scratch we’ve got you covered!

Video Services

Live Video Package

We take your raw video all the way to a published video. We spruce up the video, get the intros and outros on point and add any descriptions or hashtags

Quick Cut Video Package
$70 for every 30 minutes of your original video file

The jump cut is the most popular editing style utilized on Youtube and most of your favorite videos will utilize this technique. This package will shorten your video files total length by applying 100s of microcuts to repetition, anything off-topic, periods of silence, false starts. The end product is a much more concise and engaging video.


Custom packages available, email me or schedule a meeting and let’s find out how we can work together.