The Natural Sounding Podcast

$28 per episode or 4 pack for $100

We take your audio file from raw to a published podcast. We spruce up the audio, get the intros and outros flowing, get all the hashtags and descriptions in the right place and then schedule your podcast to be released to your audience. Once you send us the file you are done, your podcast will live within 48 hours.

How It Works:

  • We take the raw file and begin by taking a look at the waveform of the file and checking for abnormalities on the spectrogram. We then apply the appropriate filters/corrections and balance the voice audio to be complementary in its total volume. You also have the opportunity to request 3 cuts in the podcast, these can be used for eliminating curse words or cutting a sentence that went nowhere it’s up to your imagination. 
  • We cut, blend, and balance the podcast intro with the greeting of the speaker to create a smooth and natural listening experience that draws in the listener.  We then use a similar process on the sign off of the podcast, to create a consistent goodbye theme for your listener.
  • The file is then mastered and mixed down into the mp3 file that is optimal for the podcast service (Soundcloud, LastFM, etc.) and then uploaded to that service.
  • The Release date is scheduled on the podcast service, the podcast information is then inserted from what you provide, and we use the appropriate hashtags of your choosing to finalize the scheduled launch of this episode.
  • 3 minor edit with timestamps
  • Sit back and enjoy the reviews!

You will get:

  • Sound Equalization (as needed)
  • Episode Mixing – I can add Intro and Outro, background music, ads at specific time stamps and more!
  • File conversion to best format for your podcast or show and upload to streaming service of choice, these can be scheduled in advance.
  • I will insert hashtags and descriptions as provided, to boost each episode.
4 pack option