This package is a labor of love. We take a look at every second of your podcast and aim to improve the power of the delivery. Anything distracting or awkward is snipped out or suppressed.

  • Behind the scenes your entire episode is listened to and every second analyzed. All the ahhhs, uhhhhs, oooohs, and other false starts are listened for and cut out. Sneezes, coughs, coffee cup hitting the table, and other abnormalities are eliminated whenever possible.   Background pops, snaps and crackles are suppressed or eliminated from the podcast. Uncomfortable long pauses in conversation are shortened to keep the conversation pulse alive. You also have the opportunity to request 10 cuts in the podcast, these can be used for eliminating curse words or cutting a sentence that went nowhere it’s up to your imagination. 
  • We then take the raw file and begin by taking a look at the waveform of the file and checking for abnormalities on the spectrograph. We then apply the appropriate filters/corrections and balance the voice audio to be complementary in its total volume.
  • We cut, blend, and balance the podcast intro with the greeting of the speaker to create a smooth and natural listening experience that draws in the listener.  We then use a similar process on the sign off of the podcast, to create a consistent goodbye theme for your listener.
  • The file is then mastered and mixed down into the mp3 file that is optimal for the podcast service (Soundcloud, LastFM, etc.) and then uploaded to that service.
  • The Release date is scheduled on the podcast service, the podcast information is then inserted from what you provide, and we use the appropriate hashtags of your choosing to finalize the scheduled launch of this episode.

Curious about how we can work together on your next project? Email me at letting me know what you have in mind and we will take it from there.