About Me

Right off the bat let me tell you, I am a bit of an audio nerd. I am healthily obsessed with how things sound and I love to play with podcasting and video ideas.  I also love to travel while using my skills online to help others. These two things merged a few years back when I quit my 9-5 as an inbound marketing expert and started working with some amazing people on their podcasts and videos. I loved inbound marketing and was very successful in my campaigns but what really got me excited was the content and strategies that surround it.  These days I am so grateful for the new experiences and new stories from amazing people. It is my passion to find unique and creative ways to get your story out there.

I use the Adobe Suite for editing, Premiere, Audition, After Effects & Photoshop. I also have an extensive background in Inbound Marketing and it’s related strategies. I combine these two expertises to fuse the technical and creative side of media creation to help. Authenticity is so important in video and audio marketing. We will work together to empower your creative process and get really clear on your future vision.  We’ll bring the best you out on camera every time and the results will be something your customers can’t deny.


Marketing Article from a previous Inbound Marketing Projects: https://www.marketingsherpa.com/article/case-study/linville-website-redesign